Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Paddle Stings for Dirty Things

It had been over a month now since I had a spanking and I was so eager to be getting one today! I never really know what we are doing until I get there, but as far as I understood, we were going to be talking about my diet. I got up early to pack my bag of clothes before heading over to Michael and Dana's place. I made sure to leave early enough to get through traffic and to jam to music so I could calm my dramatically nervous stomach. Since there was a long time in between my last spanking and now, I thought it was going to hurt a lot more. I was right about that part, but was shocked to find out what today's shoot was all about.

Over the time that I wasn't shooting, I was emailing with both Michael and Dana about possibly branching out. I loved doing spanking videos, but am a little dirty minded and thought about doing other types of videos as well. I had gotten a list together of all of the things I might want to do and then sent them a few practice videos. Dana sent me back a few pointers on what to look at and things to avoid doing. It was a lot of fun making these videos, but I honestly thought that it wasn't going to be our main topic for the shoot. I got there and almost immediately was questioned about my videos I sent. 

We talked about it a little and then Michael started to switch up the conversation to spanking while Dana was going through my outfits. She decided on a shimmery sequin green tank with a ruffled uneven black mini skirt. That is when Michael said that the shoot today was going to be about introducing me to porn. I was a little confused at first, but then they both explained that this is new to me and its new for my viewers as well. So to help show everyone what I am going to do and also, to get myself used to being vulnerable on camera, they were going to spank me for being a dirty girl that wants to do porn.

Well, it was not at all far from the truth, but it was still strange to hear out loud that I was in fact going to be doing porn. Now a little history on me will show you that it was almost expected that my life would end up with me doing dirty things on camera for money. Which is not a bad thing at all! I love my body and I believe I'm good at using it in the right way to please others. Back to the shoot, it is totally different to know that you want to do porn and then to say it out loud, on camera, while naked and getting hit. 

Dana was moving around with the camera the entire time and talking to me about all of the videos I sent. I was standing in my high black heels, by myself in front of their fireplace. Michael was going in and out of the video for the entire first half, just coming in to spank me randomly and comment on how dirty I'm being. He would walk by and comment on things like not sending him any of my videos, which was totally a lie! I think he was just so happy to spank me for everything possible since it had been so long. We discussed a few of the videos I sent, some of them being foot fetish videos and Michael came around and held up my size 11 foot to the camera. We mentioned my booty shaking videos, which also gave Michael a reason so spank my butt and watch it jiggle. Of course, it doesn't take much to make my big butt move, but Dana had me show a little booty shaking for the camera. 

She slowly came closer and got lower to get an up-skirt style view of my butt and she was moving the camera everywhere. It was a little strange to have a camera so close to my butt and then to have Michael come in randomly to spank me. He upgraded quickly from his hand to this really mean paddle with small holes in it. Holy heck did that paddle hit hard! I was not prepared for that at all and then he really got into spanking me so much so that Dana had to stop him for a moment. I was fine by that since my bottom was already red hot from that paddle.

Dana then brought up the fact that I was too covered to be a porn star, so I had to start taking my clothes off, slowly. Not before she had me say to the camera that I wanted to make dirty porn videos. I was laughing so hard, I could barely get the words out of my mouth without erupting in uncontrollable laughter. Michael was spanking me so hard and I could not stop laughing at the fact that me, shy girl on camera, was going to be doing very naughty things for the world to see. Michael took a step away for a moment so I could start taking my skirt off very slowly, which I knew would be too much for Michael. He didn't even let the skirt get past my knees before he started hitting me again. Let me just say, that it is very hard to be sexy while getting hit with a paddle.

I was then able to finally get out of that skirt and slowly took off my tank top to reveal my black bra. Dana took a moment to slowly go up and down my body as I turned so to get a close view at every part of me. Then finally following me down as I took off my teeny, tiny green panties. Michael stopped me there and turned me around to help me out of them since I was still wearing my very high heels. All the while, he was playing and bouncing my big butt with his hands and of course spanking it every so often. I turned back around and took off my bra, asking if I could take the heels off with it. Dana laughed, shaking her head no while Michael joked that I have to sleep with the heels on. Walking around in shoes like that takes some getting used to. I took the bra all the way off and Michael took it saying that he was going to keep it. Dana got real close again and slowly shot every part of my body from my feet to my face. She kept saying how I need to get used to being naked on camera and this would definitely take some getting used to. 

I love being naked, but when a camera is involved it feels so different. I still didn't mind much and was not too embarrassed with her going very close to my bare chest and privates. Dana had me turn around and show the camera my ass close up and then mentioned to Michael that I had been not only sending feet and butt videos, but I also sent videos of me masturbating! Michael sounded so appalled that I would send a video with me touching myself for all the world to see. He had me bend over and he hit me really hard, talking about how dirty and slutty I was being. Dana didn't stop there and asked me if I did anything to get myself in trouble lately. Besides the dirty videos, I had gotten into the bad habit of eating junk food.

Now, I know Dana very well and I know that she likes healthy organic food. So when she asked what I considered junk food, I gave her my definition which is anything thats packaged in a bag. This definition was very far off from hers which included anything with a drive-thru and pretty much everything that could be considered convenient. I was turned around real quick and told to put my hands on the wall while Michael paddled me. Not only was my body my temple, but now it was going to be my checking account. Essentially, my body was going to be my money maker (que song pop up in my head) in a very literal sense. So I needed to start taking care of it or Michael would. I got the point very quickly!

Dana mentioned that porn stars get themselves into some very weird positions and asked if I knew what the main position was. I had no clue, but then she mentioned face down and ass up. I couldn't help, but laugh because a ton of songs popped into my head when she said that. I knew exactly what she was talking about and then she had me go and demonstrate what this would look like. I walked over to the bench and got on my knees. sliding my face and arms down so my body was on an angle. Dana said that this looked very nice and that I knew exactly what I was doing there. I knew that this position was good for porn and for spanking. It took Michael a moment to remind me what he was using this position for. 

He started spanking me with his hand very hard near my privates and Dana had the camera right in my face. She asked if that was hurting a lot and told me to keep my eyes on the camera. It was very painful being hit very hard near my spot. Michael and Dana both laughed when I said my spot, my special spot. Obviously, I need to get used to saying dirtier words and talking about my privates a little more openly now. Dana said that a lot of people ask porn stars if they are ready for their close up and then she moved from my face to my back side. Since I want to do porn, when they say close up they aren't talking about my face. Michael was starting to spank me again with the mean paddle and she moved back to my face so I could show the camera a few of my porn faces.

Dana said that I probably deserved ten more whacks and after each face I made, I would get one. So I did my sexy face and got a whack. Then I was supposed to do my bubbly surprised face and I could barely get through that without laughing, but I got another whack. Then she wanted me to do my after sex, relaxed face. I started to do it and then Michael grabbed my hair a little. I didn't have to fake that face I guess, because she had him do it again. I really like having my hair pulled, so since that face was so nice I got three whacks for that one. Michael stopped spanking me and Dana said that with my body language, I was to entice Michael into wanting to give me those last 5 whacks. 

I was having fun so I did it, even though I was not wanting those last hard whacks with that paddle. I wiggled my butt around and slowly grinded on the bench a little. Michael said it was working and gave me a few more hits with the paddle. Dana had me look at the camera while enticing Michael into spanking me a few more times. My spanking didn't end there since Dana asked if I was going to do anything else that would get me into trouble. I said no, but then Michael said that he was going to spank me for every dirty video I put up for the world to see. Dana chimed in that I had already sent her 24 videos, to which Michael sounded shocked that I had sent so many already. Luckily, he put down the paddle, but he still hit me very hard with his hand 24 times. I said to the camera right after that I am Dani Sorrento, spanking model and soon to be porn star! 

It was such a fun and different spanking shoot. It was a great way to come back to spanking and I was thoroughly enjoying my very toasty bottom being so warm from Michael's hand and the very hard paddle. This was definitely a great reminder to show that I will always want to do spanking videos, even if I do porn. I will make time for spanking shoots and I'm sure Michael will always let me know when I need to a spanking. I'm so happy that they are helping me out with not only my spanking shoots, but also editing all of my other types of videos. I can't wait to get started and show everyone what I can do!

Hugs and Lots of Kisses- Dani

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